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Company Profile

Seiwald Blechform initially started with manufacturing various parts from iron, steel, aluminium, special steel, brass, copper, polymers, glass, ceramic etc. for industrial applications.
Dynamic development of “Seiwald Blechform“ turned the company from the manufacturer of single spare parts into a reliable partner successfully carrying out various complex turn-key projects.


Interindustry and International Projects

Among our customers there are companies from different building branches (dealing with steel constructions, window and door manufacturing as well as different industrial machinery), professional and handicraft companies, suppliers of textile and medicine equipment, manufacturers of special machinery and individual customers.

We supply our products directly to Austria, Germany and Italy and indirectly worldwide.


Seiwald Blechform GmbH

Achenstraße 14
A-6322 Kirchbichl

Tel.: +43 (0)5332 / 77491-0
Fax: +43 (0)5332 / 77491-50


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Seiwald Blechform GmbH, Achenstr. 14, 6322 Kirchbichl